Placemats for Free provides a consumer-friendly way for businesses to target themselves to the public in an inexpensive way and have a captive audience viewing their business as they are relaxing and have time to take in what they are seeing. If you are a small business owner and are looking for a proven,cost effective way to reach your local customers with your advertising message, then you have found the right resource with The City Host Place Mat Advertising Program.

Local support is a key element in establishing and growing any successful business. Our place mats are colorful and attractive.We offer businesses a valuable tool to promote themselves to the public at a very inexpensive, yet a beneficial way. Your placemat ad will be seen by residents and other business people in the community repeatedly. Your exposure time for place mat advertising for an average of 15 minutes while potential customers wait to be served their meals. Your ad will have a bigger impact due to the fact you are exclusive. Advertising during bad or slow times lets your customers know they can depend on you as a stable,reliable resource now and in the future. By maintaining the continuity of your advertising, your customers will remember you. It is much less costly to maintain your market presence than try to rebuild it later on.

Place mat advertising has proven to be an effective way of getting your name in front of potential customers for a long time. We also offer menus for free which will be printed containing some local advertisers incorporated with your menu.We are available for quotes on rack cards,flyers,post cards,and much more.